Quality control measures
The company will adhere to the ISO9001:2008 quality management system throughout the whole process of quality control. The company strictly in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system and national and industry standards and customer requirements in all aspects of production management control and supervision, to ensure the products meet the standard requirements. The company has established a sound product quality tracking system, quality assurance personnel in the work process, adhere to the "three no" principle, with a high sense of responsibility to strict quality control.
"Quality is the life of enterprise, there is no lack of quality of life". However, the high quality is not easy, it is the whole production process is in place, interlocking, steadily precise results. To improve the quality of work also is ceaseless daily work over a long period of time, companies require employees to strictly in accordance with the "three according to the requirements of the operation, to produce qualified products and excellent product proud and push forward the work, put forward specific requirements:
A unity of thinking, enhance understanding, firmly to "three" management, deep grasp realistically, caught in the end. To promote the "three" management as an important basic work unremittingly. By grasping the "three press" management, promote efficiency, promote production, promote safety.
Two, in order to promote the safety and quality standardization of construction as the focus, further strengthen the "three press" management. Through the three according to the management of the implementation of the new quality standards, strict distinction between responsibility, the implementation of the responsibility.
Three, from the norms designed to promote the "three press" management, as a driving force to promote the quality of staff, to promote the standardization of design standards, and then promote the standard processing, strictly according to the standard test.