Nuclear power equipment matching

Sichuan Deyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is Cory growth of SMEs in the provincial and municipal key training. For efforts to build China's heavy base in the core supporting enterprises. At present, China's economy is in the stage of adjustment and development, the demand for electricity is rising sharply. Starting from the concept of scientific development point of view, our country needs more generating clean energy, including hydropower, nuclear power and natural gas power generation will play a more and more important role, especially nuclear power development strategy has been from the "appropriate development" into "positive development", this is the sign of actively developing strategic move to China's nuclear power, but also the construction of a conservation oriented society, the correct choice. In order to comply with the national "Twelfth Five Year" new energy development plan, accelerate the demand for heavy equipment industry chain development, companies continue to increase the intensity of technological transformation and technological innovation, 2011 is the implementation of the 100 million KW nuclear power steam turbine high, intermediate pressure outer cylinder processing equipment for technological transformation,, investment funds amount to 75 million yuan.
Perennial production and processing companies: 1 million - 300 thousand kilowatts of nuclear power steam turbine high, medium and low pressure cylinder;