Mechanical equipment matching

Sichuan Deyang Keli machinery and equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., with a strong heavy processing machinery, complete sets of products, production capacity, has realized the Dongqi, TEPCO, double, Sichuan Honghua and large enterprises and cooperation. Companies adhere to the quality of survival, to the credibility of the principle of winning the market, integrity management, by the user. Relying on the regional advantages of Deyang's national heavy machinery equipment base, has provided a large number of high-quality products for the national defense equipment industry, new energy, machinery and other industries. Company invested heavily in the introduction of a large number of advanced numerical control equipment, has formed from CNC cutting, welding, heat treatment, sandblasting, machinery processing complete assembly a complete production line, the complete procedure, advanced technology by hundreds of machinery industry customers trust and praise.
The company perennial production and processing of cold rolling machine, rolling machine, gear box, gear box and so on.